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Help Thank the Cast and Crew of Studio 60 and Lend Support to Tipitina's

So art got its ass kicked. Say "Goodbye" to a great show and support New Orleans' music culture.


Art is getting its ass kicked.  Help NOLA to revive its musical culture.

A group of us thought it would be a nice idea to somehow say a public “Thank You” to Aaron and the team for bringing us Studio 60.

To this end, we’d like to place an advertisement in the LA Times Entertainment Section on Thursday 28th June, which is when the final episode is due to air. The quarter-page ad will cost approximately $5,000.

The text on the advert will be simple – just a thank you, nothing nasty aimed at NBC (no matter how much we’d like to! – we don’t want to come across as honey-crusted nut bars!), and will also feature details of how to donate to Tipitina’s Foundation.

For anyone unfamiliar with Tipitina’s, the Foundation was featured in The Christmas Show. The mission of the Tipitina's Foundation is to restore New Orleans' irreplaceable music community and preserve the state's unique musical culture. We are currently working with the Foundation to create a specific page on their site where friends of Studio 60 will be able to make donations. More information about this will be coming soon.

In order to buy the advertising space, we need your help. Anything you can afford to help raise funds for the ad will be greatly appreciated.

As soon as we have raised enough money to pay for the ad, this button will be changed to be an additional link to the Tipitina's Foundation. Any extra money in the ad fund will also be donated to Tipitina's.

We’ll post details as to how we’re doing with raising the ad cost on a regular basis, and we'll also publish a list of contributors (just LJ usernames). Once we're close to our target, we'll have the ad finished and placed online for viewing.

If you want to get updates - to see the finished ad, to keep abreast of the amount we're raising for the ad etc., then please join this community. If you've already got an extensive f-list, don't worry - we won't be spamming anybody. We're here until the ad has run and then that's it.

If you have any questions about this, please leave a comment or email us at
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