Fenny (hooloovoo_42) wrote in thanks2studio60,

Come and join the blogathon fun this weekend

Less than 3 days to go now until I'm going to be blogging for 24 hours to raise money for Tipitina's foundation. Come along and join in the fun at24hrs_of_sorkin .  Don't worry, it's not just my insane ramblings. caz963 andteresadivicenzo will be adding some of their own mix of demented fangirling and considered literary deliberation.  We kick off at 2pm BST (6 am PT) and will be going for 24 whole hours!

If you would like to sponsor me, click on the banner below. You'll need to register at the blogathon site, then reclick on the link to go to my pledge page.

Pledges currently at $90.  Come on, folks.  This is for a good cause.  Tipitina's have donated a whole bunch of amazing prizes.

More details here.

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