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We’ve just been offered a full page of advertising space in the Hollywood Reporter (28th June) for $2550, which is about half their usual rate. Well, I say “offered” – I think digitalred93 took them out to the woodshed with the 2x4…

Anyway, we’re going to take them up on it, which means not only do we have to raise less money to pay for the ad, but we can hopefully raise more funds for Tipitina’s Foundation, as we’ll be sending any surplus raised directly to them.

Also, it’ll be a bigger ad – a full page as opposed to a half, so all in all, it’s a great deal!

Those of you who have already contributed to the ad. fund should have been contacted by e-mail to make sure you’re happy with this change. If not, you’ll get your money back – just let us know.

Any questions or concerns – please e-mail us at

ETA - GOOD NEWS! TOMMY SCHLAMME HAS APPROVED THE AD - so we'll be able to let you see it very soon!

(and coloneljack is still hyperventilating!)

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